In this “traditional” tasting room, we serve you samples of our Estate grown Sauvignon Blanc, then our Viognier and even splash you our Sparkling Cuvee.  We enjoy this “tasting room” time  and use it to get to know you and answer any questions you might have about the winery.

But the real “tasting” is just about to begin!

We then offer you a small plate of “complimentary” appetizers to take down to our “tasting terraces” and seat you for your “Comparative Tasting” of a flight of four of our red wines. We even have a serving counter down there so you can enjoy a glass of wine when you’re finished with the tasting.

This casual tasting allows you to “compare and contrast” each wine.  It is very difficult to remember what the first wine you tasted was like after tasting 4-6 more.  Our “tasting experience” allows you to try one wine and revisit another – while reviewing our tasting notes and hopefully making a few of your own.

Saving the “Best for Last” – We then have you then come back up  into the tasting room – then escort you to the barrel room and have you taste ZaMORE (as in “Gimme some more”) – our refillable blend that is sold in a “PEAKer PROWLER” – think beer growler except in a flip top wine bottle.  This wine is one of the heartiest reds that we offer and is always a crowd pleaser.

Be sure and ask about our wine club – it will surprise you just as much as our wine tasting experience – unique in every way.

Pilot Peak prides itself with this unique tasting experience and look forward to seeing you at the PEAK!

Once you have tried this “Complimentary” Tasting Experience -you’ll never want to settle for those same ol’ tasting room samplings again. Come See Us!