Pilot Peak Vineyard & Winery - Chardonnay

Our Chardonnay tastes of melon with a hint of Asian pear, with a citrus finish fermented in a steel tank.

Grand Cuvée Brut is a refreshing sparkling wine filled with bubbles and fun! Pear and pineapple nuances leap out of this sparkler with lively flavors of crisp green apple on a light lingering finish.  Sourced from Mendocino County – the blend is primarily Chardonnay, with Semillon and other varietals to enhance the finish.

Pilot Peak Vineyard & Winery - Sauvigon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc Wine Information

The varietal identity of sauvignon blanc is typically similar to grass, bell-pepper, or grapefruit in nature. New zealanders liken it to “gooseberry”, but that is not a familiar smell or flavor to most americans. Quite often sauvignon blanc picks up an aggressive “catbox” odor when the grapes lack sun exposure or are harvested underripe. Clonal selection and viticultural practices that expose the grapes to more sunlight yield wine that is more melon-like in aroma.

Dry-style sauvignon or fumé blancs are very versatile in accompanying foods and can handle components such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, raw garlic, smoked cheeses or other pungent flavors that would clash with or overpower many chardonnays and almost all other dry whites. In fact, sauvignon blanc is probably the best dry white wine to accompany the greatest variety of foods.

Our Estate grown Sauvignon Blanc is a dry, medium-body white wine that is both refreshing and elegant! While offering up aromas of melon & pear – Your mouth senses a soft crispness on a exquisitely balanced and lingering finish. Simply stated – a Great WINE!